Journey To The Savage Planet DLC Is Hot Garbage

Hot Garbage, the new Journey To The Savage Planet DLC is coming next week and explorers can grab this update as it lands on PC and Console.

Slated for Xbox One and PC arrival on 15 April, the Hot garbage addition to Typhoon Studios’ well-received cosmic sized adventure comedy is about to expand your brand new horizons just a little more. Landin on another new alien world, named DL-C1, this romp across a new landscape. Things take something of a break from the base game as players investigate reports of unusual pollution at Kindred Aerospace’s interstellar waterfront resort. It appears that it is no secret that Vyper Corp is using the 4th best company in space’s leisure facilities as a waste dump and it’s up to you to get a grip on the situation.

Another Man’s Trash

As expected, the Journey To The Savage Planet Hot Garbage DLC includes new upgrades and abilities that are all tied to the same gameplay that served the base title so well. New additions include lead boots for adventuring underwater, a specialized Kindred suit for traversing toxic areas, and an unlimited stamina ability for endless sprinting and the power of flight. These are the best upgrades that the 4th best company in space can give you so, you might have to make do with whatever you get.

What players will get in spades is the same sarcastic AI assistance that they are used to. Hot Garbage introduces Kronus, a trash-talking piece of Vyper Corp. property that appears to be as eager to berate you as dump on the new beachfront property on DL-C1. With plenty of new fauna, for a, and exotic goings-on Hot Garbage looks to be a lively new addition to Journey To The Savage Planet. Eager adventurers can grab this on Pc via the Epic Store and Xbox via Digital storefronts. A ticket costs £7.99 or local equivalent on DL-C1 and Playstation 4 owners will get to the front of the queue soon. Head over to the official website to find out how hot this garbage really is.

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