Dive Into Tidal Shock This April

Tidal Shock, a brand new experience from Moonray studios, is about to plunge into the depths as this arena shooter enters the ocean on 20 April.

We’ve managed to run, fly, and drive our way through the arena shooter mashups on offer. Now, Tidal Shock is set to descend into the ocean depths when it arrives later this month. Launching on the PC as an Early Access title, Tidal Shock takes the planer combat of traditional warzone’s and expands it across another axis. Bullets will rain down from every angle and so can you. Featuring a range of shields, weapons, and pick up enhancements Tidal Shock is full of elements that could change the tide of a match.

Encounters come with their own twist too. Players who manage to slam 100 charges onto the ever-moving reactor that lumbers around this watery arena can tidalshock the competition and earn a coveted “charge Cube”. We don’t know what that actually means but we are led to believe that this game-changing mechanic is going to be something special. Powered by scraps that competitors must scavenge to find, it adds an additional way to overpower the competition.

Featuring multiplayer matches that stretch from 4-8 players, who can each wield one of seven sub aquatic weapons, there looks to be plenty of variety under the sea for competitive types. Of course, this isn’t Abzu, don’t expect a slow-paced plod through the depths just because it is underwater. Think more like Fortnite having a bathtime free for all. Check out the ridiculous skins and the underwater action in the trailer above. If you’re interested in getting wet then you can grab the Early Access version of Tidal Shock on the official Steam Store page for $7.99. Additional DLC is already available but the game’s Founder’s Pack slot in at $9.99 and comes with all the fancy extras that you could want for this beachside slaughter.

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