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Century: Age of Ashes

TGA 2020: Ride & Battle Dragons in Century: Age of Ashes

This week’s The Game Awards was a big one for major game announcements including Century: Age of Ashes by Playwing. Players will be able to ride dragons and take the fight to others in the upcom...

tidal shock

Dive Into Tidal Shock This April

Tidal Shock, a brand new experience from Moonray studios, is about to plunge into the depths as this arena shooter enters the ocean on 20 April. We’ve managed to run, fly, and drive our way thro...

Best Steam Releases
Quake Champions 2

Press Release: Quake Champions Season 2

The March update for Quake Champions is implementing a whole host of changes including performance updates, loads of bug fixes, balance changes, and game optimizations, and that’s only a part of...


Splitgate Closed Alpha Weekend Test

Ever wondered what a multiplayer arena battle could be like if you could use portals like in Portal? If you were at Pax South you might have had the chance to give it a go with 1047 Games: Splitgate: ...

Crimsonland Comes To Nintendo Switch On November 24

10tons Ltd. has announced that the cult classic arena shooter Crimsonland is coming to Nintendo Switch next Friday, November 24. Originally the game was released in 2003 and later remastered for Steam...


Mighty Battles is a Genre-Bending Shooter

Mighty Battles isn’t the game you’d expect when you see the list of genres it features. You’ll find card collecting, live multiplayer, shooter, PvP arena, strategy and mobile action ...


Grimoire Manastorm Review – Finally a Reason to Slay Mages

Grimoire: Manastorm is a different kind of pvp arena shooter developed by Omniconnection that employs a medieval setting and story. Driven by the slow but inevitable death of the land, Mages of six di...

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