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PRESS RELEASE Frostpunk Photo Mode Arrives

After months of waiting, and hundreds of emails asking about it, 11-bit studios are excited to finally deliver the good news — the frigid survival world of Frostpunk will be released worldwide on Mac ...

Townsmen – This Is How We Build Our Town!

Imagine yourself in our world back in medieval times. Can you picture yourself as a King, or Queen, and building your city with your loyal servants? What happens if things are going well for you and s...

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TeacherGaming Cities: Skylines

Partnership With TeacherGaming Brings Cities: Skylines to the Educational Market

Cities: Skylines helps teachers build new roads in the classroom Paradox Interactive announced earlier today a partnership with TeacherGaming as they launch an educational version of their city-buildi...


Universim: Why Build a City When You Can Build a Planet?

In 2014 Crytivo Games kickstarted Universim and two years later it is still in beta development with early access aimed for next year. So why am I making news of this today? I only discovered it last ...


Paradox Bringing Pillars of Eternity & Cities: Skylines to Consoles in August

Paradox is bringing a pair of hugely successful games to XBox One and PlayStation 4. Players will be able to purchase Cities: Skylines (PS4 only) and Pillars of Eternity (PS4/XB1) in August. Paradox &...

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