Kingdom Under Fire 2 Introduces The Berzerker

Kingdom Under Fire 2 has just unveiled the Berzerker class. This brand new class of player character for the long-awaited kingdom builder even has a new trailer and looks set to break the backs of its enemies.

You might have caught our exclusive reveal of the Gunslinger class last week. Now Gameforge has released information on the Berzerker. This melee monster wields the power of dark rage to destroy all who stand against it. Unleashing unholy wrath, this class can strike fear into the heart of enemies across the battlefield. Decked out in some serious armor while wielding a sizeable weapon and shield, the Berzerker focuses on drawing as much fire as possible. With a large health pool and excellent survivability, the Berzerker can get right to the heart of matters before using a core of rage to carry out a range of debilitating attacks. Just like the Gunslinger, the Berzerker is very much a front line focused character with its own flavor of combat.

The Berzerker hails from legend. A mysterious race of Exiles spoke of a man with unparalleled power who was destined to be the one to unite and lead the Exiles. According to the stories, this man existed and set out o a quest to find an ancient weapon of great power. However, just as he was about to obtain the weapon and complete his goal he was viciously betrayed and lost everything. After barely surviving he turned to the Azilia Knights in a remote land to regain his power and hunt down his betrayer.

The Berzerker is the latest of five player classes to be unveiled by the team behind Kingdom Under Fire 2. Anybody getting ready to jump into the RTS MMORPG hybrid won’t have to wait long to go berzerk. The title that was announced by developer Blueside in 2008 is due to hit Western shores in November of this year. Despite the wait, we’re hyped for this title coming out and can’t wait to see more soon. Kingdom Under Fire 2 is coming to PC and you can find out more on the games official website now. If you’re busy waiting on Kingdom Under Fire 2, there’s still plenty to play during the wait. Check out our top ten MMO to play in 2019 for some ideas


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