Kingsway is an adventure RPG played out in a fake operating system… and that’s awesome

Beware the popups - they're traps and baddies.

Announced today from Adult Swim Games, Kingsway is an adventure RPG played out in a fake operating system… and that’s awesome. Think of all those RPGs and kingom simulation strategy games you’ve played and how they always felt like a micromanagement simulator. Well? That’s kind of what Kingsway is turning into its own game, complete with the sort of tongue-in-cheek humor you’d expect. But it’s actually an RPG, not just a game where you manage your people.

You’ll actually organize items using file folders, quests come in as emails, enemies are popup ads… it’s all delightfully put together and seems like it could be a lot of fun to mess around with.

Make sense? Check out the trailer!

From the Steam page:

Kingsway is an RPG in which you use a mock operating system to manage your adventure. Every element of the game is a part of the operating system. Enemies and traps are popups, backpacks are the file folders where you organize your items, and quests are emails. The world of Kingsway is randomly generated every time you play, and death is permanent.

  • Choose from various character types each with their own special skills.
  • Discover a strange land of monsters, bandits, and other adventurers.
  • Choose to be good or evil by choosing to help your fellow adventurers, defeating powerful monsters, or steal and murder your way to the top.
  • Defeat enemies and plunder crypts and caves for treasure.
  • Complete Quests for extra special treasure.
  • Organize the interface to suit your play style.



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