Kirby Fighters 2 Demo Now Available

Kirby Fighters 2

Nintendo has announced that a brand new Switch demo for Kirby Fighters 2 is now available via the Nintendo eShop. The release of the demo allows players to “try before they buy and practice mastering button combination attacks”. Those who choose to purchase the game can do so for $19.99.

The demo allows players to fight through one chapter of the game using any one of five available heroes and copy abilities including Sword, Bomb, Staff, Bandana Waddle Dee, and Gooey. The full game includes 22 fighting styles. The demo also includes the tutorial mode that will train players in the action combat style to “learn how to become victorious while fighting in the battle tower”. Players can also take part in both online and local modes and they can even play with others who own a full copy of the game.

In KF2, Kirby delivers a madcap gauntlet of attacks to each battle, with a selection of 17 of the most iconic copy abilities from throughout the Kirby series, like Sword and Cutter. KF2 also marks the debut of Kirby’s new Wrestler ability. Don’t let Kirby’s cuteness distract you: He packs a mean punch.

Check out the Kirby Fighters 2 official site to learn more.

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