Krai Mira Extended Cut To Release April 4th

Travel to the Edge of the World
Krai Mira Extended Cut

Krai Mira Extended Cut (Russian for the edge of the world) is a post-apocalyptic isometric RPG set in an unforgiving and ruthless world. Players will have to fight for survival of their characters as well as every step they take. The world is full of enemies and danger. Its air is filled with smell of toxic. Skin burns out in the sun of radioactive desert.

Sounds familiar? If you got serious nostalgy vibes and Fallot 3 & 4 are not for you… That might just mean you will find Krai Mira to be your game.

Welcome Krai Mira Extended Cut

Developers mention being heavily inspired by classics such as Fallout 1 and 2, Diablo and more. Just like in them, players will have a variety of tools at their disposal. There is a wide variety of armor and weapons to use as well as some items you won’t expect. For example, your character can equip flat tires. So make sure you explore every nook and cranny, lost city, forest, cave or swamp you come to see. Of course, there will also be a large number of quests to tackle.

As if that alone wasn’t enough, the game is receiving an update. Krai Mira Extended Cut is going to bring certain improvements. Such as new content, inventory view as well as UI adjustments. Developers promise that you always have to watch your back in Krai Mira. Random encounters will make sure of that.

Some of the Krai Mira Extended Cut features are deep combat system, a variety of mini-games such as gambling, rich world with many different locations. Of course, the game has dynamic day-night cycle. Your character will embark on an epic main quest through open world. Addtionally, there will be armor and weapons to collect, personal preferences to choose, followers to gain and much much more.

Extended Cut will be released on April 4th on Steam.

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