The Long Dark – Wintermute Launch Announcement

The Light at the end of The Long Dark — Launch Date & Wintermute

Hinterland Studio has published a new video as well as updated Steam portal page with a new blog post. In it, the company announces that The Long Dark will leave Steam Early Access on August 1st. On that day the developers will release first two (out of five) episodes of Wintermute – the story mode for the game.

The first two episodes of WINTERMUTE are about bush pilot Will Mackenzie and Dr. Astrid Greenwood, and what happens when they get separated after a mysterious geomagnetic event causes them to crash deep in the Northern Canadian wilderness.

Episode One is called “Do Not Go Gentle”, Episode Two – “Luminance Figure”. The developers share that gameplay time would range due to open-world of the game. But the team estimates about 6-10 hours for two episodes. The rest of the story mode will be released over 2017 and into 2018.

The Long Dark will launch for PC, PS4 as well as Xbox One. You can read the full, very detailed announcement on the Steam page.

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