Table Manners Is A Chaotic Dating Sim Launching Valentine’s Day

Who said romance was all about chemistry? Table Manners is a wacky physics-based dating sim that is due to transform your Valentine’s day.

While many of us will be busy avoiding the fallout of 14 February, Curve Digital and Echo Chamber Games are hoping that you’ll take their latest title into your heart and try out this cheeky physics sim for one. Dating can be intense and after trawling the ‘ndr apps for months that first meeting at a restaurant can be fraught with perils. It gets even worse if you are nothing but a disembodied hand. Putting players in the grip of looming catastrophe, Table Manners challenges gamers to make it through a single date without a hiccup.

A Different Date

With a number of unique settings, from a cruise ship to a simple dinner table, there is a bunch of things that can go wrong. Objects can only be interacted with on a 1 to 1 fashion, meaning players must actuate their unreliable hand to perform even the most basic task. The more successful each date, the more skills you will unlock and the fancier your dates will become. There are, of course, a multitude of things that can go hilariously wrong.

“Table Manners is one of those rare games where failure is just as much fun as success,” says Tim Lewis, Producer at Echo Chamber Games “While your ultimate goal is to impress your potential new partner in order to gain access to more sophisticated venues – each with unique gameplay mechanics – no one can deny that failing by, let’s say, covering your date in a freshly poured bottle of champagne in those vital first few minutes, is not without reward. We think it’ll serve as either the perfect practice for those who have a real-life date lined up, or antidote for those who give Valentine’s Day a miss.”

Table Manners is all very tongue in cheek, even if you don’t have either, and seems like a cross between Pigeon Simulator and every monstrous dating game that I have managed to fail miserably at. PC players can prepare for their first date by checking out the teaser trailer above and there is even a left-handed mode so everyone gets a chance at love. Check out more on Table Manners at the official Steam Store page now.


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