Total War: Elysium Reveals Its Hand In New Trailer

Total War Elysium, a brand new free to play card game from SEGA, just dropped a trailer and first glimpse of the upcoming battle.

Marking the expansion of the Total war franchise into new territory and gaming genres, Total War: Elysium is a collectable card game that features a whole range of strategic choices that could make or break any battle. Initially announced sometime in August 2019, this upcoming card is due to enter the fray on PC, iOS, and Android when it eventually turns up on the battlefield. Now, SEGA has dropped a teaser for anybody that wants a taste of the front lines.

Elysium is expected to feature forces from across the Total War franchise. Form ancient China to the Napoleonic era, and probably more. The epic clashes for the ages take place across a series of card decks that are only 18 cards in total. This is augmented by the option to pick whichever 9 cards you want in your deck every seven turns. This should mean that as the battle drags on, players can reconfigure their available units to take advantage of the unfolding terrain. It’s an interesting way to approach a title that is clearly still a CCG.

Over 300 cards and over 9 generals will be available at launch which should mean a huge combination of historically inspired battle cards that could make up the ranks of each player. Gamers who dive into the front lines early can expand their card deck by picking up new units by playing the game. A range of battlefronts will be available, from single-player and multiplayer engagements.

While it is unlikely that this is going to feel anything like any other Total War title, Elysium seems to be making a distinct effort to step away from the traditional CCG path forged by Hearthstone or the well-received Riot board battler, Legends of Runterra. Check out what we mean by watching the trailer above or heading over to the Total War: Elysium website and signing up for beta testing right now.


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