Looking for Spooky Halloween Fun? You’re in Luck as Haunted House Launches for PC

Looking for Spooky Halloween Fun? You're in Luck as Haunted House Launches for PC

Orbit Studios and Atari have announced that Haunted House is now open for ghost-hunting thrills and chills on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. The game is a loving remake of the 90s classic and it’s just in time for spooky Halloween fun for those with a paranormal bent. For the next several days, players can purchase the game with a sweet 20% discount.

The dev team released a brand new launch day trailer to showcase the retooled game and offer a peek at gameplay elements, features, graphics, and locations. Viewers will find more than a few thrills and chills along the way. Fans of the original will find that the modernized version of the game features steal and puzzle solving alongside a new roguelite element that will add layers of fun.

Features include

  • Resurrected Roguelite: Haunted House doubles down on stealth and mystifying challenges while adding roguelite elements, ensuring no two runs are the same.
  • All-Ages Thrill Ride: The whimsical, cartoonish art style only thinly veils the chills and thrills in Haunted House! Expertly riding the line between goofy and spooky, Haunted House features primarily stealth-based gameplay and light combat sequences.
  • Unlockable Characters: As Lyn explores the Haunted House, she’ll free her trapped friends, who become playable characters you can use to dive deeper into the mansion. Each friend possesses different stats, so depending on who you explore the mansion with, it’ll be a new experience!
  • Atari Easter Eggs: The game is full of collectibles and lore based on the original Haunted House and other classic favorites from Atari’s golden age.
  • Sneaky Shivers: With combat de-emphasized, players must focus on stealth movement and solving challenges unseen in the shadows, along with utilizing the arsenal of traps and items at their disposal to distract the ghoulies hunting Lyn. Lyn must collect gems to power up the skills and perks that make her that much stronger during the next trip through the mansion’s labyrinth.

Check out the Haunted House official site for more details.

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