Lunacy: Saint Rhodes – First Personal Horror Survival Title Announced

Publisher Iceberg Interactive in partnership with Lazarus Studios has announced Lunacy: Saint Rhodes, a first-person survival horror game. With a fresh new trailer and a release for PC coming in 2019, this indie title looks to make your neck hair stand on end as you work to uncover the truth behind your family’s gruesome murder. As the trailer suggests, players will be introduced to a supernatural experience set to the backdrop of a creepy ancestral home set in the town of Saint Rhodes. It looks that like Saint Rhodes is full of mystery and intrigue for players to discover and explore.

According to Lazarus Studios the game’s AI, known as the author, will study the decision making and movements of the player, and based on these observations will change the direction the game takes. Constantly learning from your every move the Author will work to make sure you never feel safe as you work to uncover the mystery of your family’s deaths.

The emphasis is on the horror experience and with the advanced AI coupled with truly terrifying enemies, a beautifully crafted world and multiple outcomes available based on the players choice, the devs are aiming to achieve that goal. As mentioned the game is slated for a 2019 release and can be added to your steam wishlist here. Be sure to check out the trailer above or head on over to the official Twitter and Facebook accounts.  

In Lunacy: Saint Rhodes, you never know what’s waiting around the corner. Expect the unexpected. Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is a truly horrifying experience, featuring a detailed world that tells the story of what happened in the haunted town of Saint Rhodes. Frightening creatures roam the town, guided by the Author, as you explore Saint Rhodes in search of clues to help you survive. No single visit to the town will be the same, with multiple non-linear paths that lead to different outcomes

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