Magic: Legends Tackles Monetization

Magic Legends Tackles Monetization

Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa has taken to the official site to share an overview of monetization in the upcoming free-to-play persistent online action RPG Magic: Legends.

Magic: Legends will not be selling content updates or playable missions. The team’s goal is for the game to be playable and fun from the beginning through endgame without having to spend a dime. That said, there will be a variety of items for purchase that will give players alternative options when building their decks or loadouts, but not give them a numerical power advantage.

There will be an in-game currency exchange. You will be able to exchange a specific currency earned through play, in this case, Aether, with other players for actual cash store currency at a conversation rate that is completely community-driven. The exchange empowers people to purchase cash store items or lower the cost of them by playing the game.

Magic: Legends will offer booster packs as a way to collect spells, and collect shards of spells in order to expand and level your spell library.  If you choose to purchase these booster packs, there are several other types of items you have a chance to unlock in addition to spells. These range from unique Artifacts, to unique spells, and even a unique class.

In addition to the classes that are included in the game for free, Magic: Legends will be selling themed Planeswalker classes that give you more class options to choose from when constructing your loadouts. These classes will have their own progression trees, Traits, Spark Powers, abilities, and a unique costume that can be worn on its own or mixed with the costume parts from other classes to customize the look of your planeswalker.

As with the classes from booster packs, these ones are not more powerful than the free classes, but are different from them horizontally. They will have their own set of play options without giving a numerical advantage.

While we have a variety of progression systems in Magic: Legends, we’ll also be adding a Battle Pass system for added progression and even more rewards.  We will have a completely free track that features currency packs, costume options, unique spells, and Artifacts that reward players for engaging in the system regularly. We will also offer a paid track that comes with everything mentioned before but also including unique cosmetics, more bonus currency, and more unique loadout customization items.  The Battle Pass seasons will provide plenty of time to collect all of the great rewards, while giving you interesting challenges to complete while you progress.

There will be events that feature free content and unique rewards regularly. Event rewards will range from new spells and Artifacts to new playable classes and more. All of these items can be earned for free by participating, or players can choose to purchase an event buyout which immediately provides them with the event rewards.

Lastly, there will be a variety of convenience items at launch and over time such as loadout slots, deck slots, XP boosts, and other items that assist with leveling throughout the game.  None of these are required, but they do allow for faster progress if you would prefer to level up more quickly or catch up to friends that are ahead of you.

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