Metal: Hellsinger Goes Pop For A New Essential Hits Pack

Metal: Hellsinger, the beat blasting metal FPS is loading up a new Essential Hits DLC that includes the likes of Charli XcX and Paramore.

Get ready to swap your denim battle jackets for an emo fringe as the gloriously loud Metal: Hellsinger goes pop. Developer The Outsiders and publisher Funcom have just announced that fans of the franchise don’t always have to turn it up to 11 with the new the Essential Hits Pack, available globally right now for $9,99 / €9,99.

The Essential Hits Pack follows on from the Dream of the Beast DLC and contains, for the first time ever, chart-topping licensed songs from iconic bands in a variety of genres. This includes Muse, Gorillaz, Depeche Mode, Paramore, Icona Pop, Disturbed, and more. There’s even a brand new edition of this metal blaster that includes the base game and this new music, if you want to start taking over Hell to a new groove..

Aside from the new flow to your hellish endeavours, there are some other tweaks coming. The free 1.7 Update arrives alongside the Essential Hits Pack, bringing balancing, bug fixes, Nvidia Reflex support, and a full leaderboard reset. The new content also means that the age rating is about to go up from PEGI-13 to Mature. Assuming young ears aren’t listening, or you’ve grabbed one of the gloriously loud headphones we’ve reviewed, then The Essential Hits Pack and Music Edition of Metal: Hellsinger are now available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox X|S.

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