MHW: Iceborne Players Band Together to Fix FPS Issues

MHW Iceborne Players Band Together to Fix FPS Issues

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne finally came to PC on January 9th, bringing with it a wide variety of new content as well as few deadly bugs and technical issues. One of the more prevalent complaints on the forums of the game and Reddit has been a drastic reduction of FPS. A user named RobotPirateMoses suggested a fix that seemed to fix the problem for him:

  • Start the game and wait until you’re in the Main Menu
  • Press Alt + Enter to switch to Windowed mode from Fullscreen
  • Press ‘X’ to close the window
  • When prompted if you really wanna close the game, say ‘no’ (people have been saying to leave this box open, but it doesn’t seem necessary, so just say ‘no’ to close it)
  • Press Alt + Enter again to switch from Windowed back to Fullscreen

“Done. I got a massive FPS boost (60 at all times, basically), my CPU isn’t burning, my gamepad works (it didn’t when I left that one box open) and I can play in fullscreen (as I said, borderless/windowed reduce my FPS compared to full). I don’t know if it matters, but I’m using the new DirectX12 API (which is a Windows 10 exclusive thing). It didn’t let me turn it on for some reason, so if that happens to you as well, just open the graphics_options.ini file in the MHW folder and change “DirectX12Enable=Off” to “DirectX12Enable=On”.”

Another user named Zoralink mentioned an old method to prevent the game from trying to burn your GPU (originally suggested by Dallolz):

  • Install Nvidia Inspector
  • Go on game profile and find Monster hunter world.
  • Delete profile
  • Create a new one(button look like a little sun) & call it 001 MHW
  • Add your Monster Hunter World.exe on the new profile
  • Save and watch your GPU actually working.
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