Monster Hunter World Iceborne - Glavenus Trailer Shows Off New Monsters

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Glavenus Trailer Shows Off New Monsters

The developers of Monster Hunter: World have shared a new trailer for the upcoming expansion Iceborne. The video shows new types of monsters such as the hotheaded Glavenus, Fulgur Anjanath, and Ebony ...

Monster Hunter World Iceborne - Story Trailer

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Story Trailer

Capcom has released a 4-minutes long story trailer for the upcoming expansion to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The video sheds light on the new mysteries that begin to unravel and new questions that...

Monster Hunter World - Free Trial Trailer

Monster Hunter: World – Free Trial Trailer

Capcom has released a limited-time free trial version of Monster Hunter: World for Xbox One and PS4. The offer is available from Dec 11 through December 17. If you decide to try out the trial and late...


Monster Hunter: World – Lunastra Is Ready To Test Your Skills

Capcom continues to add to the world of Monster Hunter. The game has received a free update featuring Lunastra, the Empress of Flame, who has come to reclaim her throne amongst the Elder Dragons. She ...

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: World – Ryozo’s Title Update Message

Monster Hunter: World Youtube page has been updated with a new video with the message from Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer of the game. Firstly, he mentions that since its release back in January MHW has so...

Monster Hunter World Coral Highlands

Monster Hunter: World – Coral Highlands Gameplay

Monster Hunter World channel has been updated with a new video demonstrating the gameplay process of the stunning but deadly Coral Highlands. Viewers will have a chance to witness climbing, Rope Lifts...

Monster Hunter World PC Release

Monster Hunter World – PC Development Update & Release Window

Monster Hunter: World development team has published a new video featuring the game’s producer Ryozo Tsujimoto. He shares that the team is hard at work on the PC version of the game and optimizi...

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World – Developer Stream & New Teaser

The developers of the upcoming action RPG Monster Hunter World have shared a new short promotional video demonstrating the game’s gameplay and stunning visuals.  The trailer shows bits and piece...

Wildspire Waste

Monster Hunter World – Wildspire Waste Trailer

Wildspire Waste Gameplay Trailer The Youtube page of Monster Hunter: World has been updated with a brand new video dedicated to the Wildspire Waste. Some of its surroundings can be familiar to players...

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