MobileEdge Announces CORE Gaming Backback


MobileEdge, a manufacturer best known for partnering with gaming and peripherals companies to make premium gaming gear, announced the Kickstarter campaign for their new CORE Gaming Backpack this morning. This is the first major product line to be produced in-house by MobileEdge and they hope the community will turn their idea into a reality. The CORE gaming backpack is specially designed for the on-the-go gamer and includes a number of unique features they’re sure to appreciate. It’s lush with pockets, including a TSA-friendly compartment for your laptop or tablet, another fitted for a full-size keyboard, another for personal items, and four side pockets. The backpack features its own power source to charge your gear on the move, and the internal compartments are designed to easily feed wires through without becoming an unsightly mess. The rear is also badge ready to display the events you’ve been to.

The Kickstarter will go live on August 8th. Early Bird backers will be able to pick up the CORE for $79.99, more than 40% off the recommended MSRP. For now, you can find out more here.


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