My Friend Pedro Trailer Gets Animated

My Friend Pedro Launches today and Devolver Digital has dropped a brand new My Friend Pedro trailer for the banana totting platformer.

This animated introduction to Pedro and comrades is a cartoon creation that apes our Saturday morning kids cartoons. Imagine early morning breakfast without the moral fiber and full of wholesome artificial ingredients. Join chef Pedro as the brand new trailer takes us on a whirlwind tour of developer Deadtoast Entertainment’s brand new IP.

If you haven’t heard of My Friend Pedro before today then you need to keep a better eye on Devolver Digital’s E3 presentations. My Friend Pedro is a game that follows the struggle of one man as he tries to blow away anything that stands in his path. Driven by the tendencies of a sentient banana, the game’s masked protagonist can run, jump, flip, and kick their way through dozens of different 2D levels. An arsenal of different weapons is at hand, allowing gamers to build up a beautiful ballet of death as they slip in and out of the games bullet time mechanics. Its all a bit more visceral than the animated version of this My Friend Pedro trailer.

My Friend Pedro is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC, via Steam, today and I’ve been busy blowing my way through this title for your amusement. You can find out what we think of the masked assassin’s adventures soon. Until then check out the trailer, above or nip on over to the official My Friend Pedro website.


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