My Time At Portia Developer Introduces Ever Forward

Pathea Games, the independent winning developer behind My Time At Portia is set to bring a brand new adventure to PC today, called Ever Forward.

A new puzzle platformer, Ever Forward is out now on PC, via Steam, and challenges players to take on the mysteries hidden deep in a 12-year-old’s subconscious. Unlike Dreamscapes, which also dredges the subconscious mind, Ever Forward takes a slightly more cerebral approach to this adventure. Rather than hack their way through this narrative, gamers will venture into an imaginative range of environments.

Two very different realities appear as the protagonist moves forward, exploring one backdrop filled with idyllic, pastel-colored fields and charming coastal retreats, while the other is home to all manner of formidable geometric traps and riddles. The secrets stored deep within this title’s heart will gradually be revealed as fans collect memory fragments, unearth new puzzles, and conquer their fears.

“Our team has paid careful attention to all the feedback we’ve received since we’ve launched Ever Forward’s demo,” says Bin Yang, Director of Ever Forward. “We added more challenges, improved our tutorial, and optimized the title’s sound quality to make sure that fans are completely immersed in Maya’s vivid universe. We can’t wait to witness people solve our puzzles and share their experiences with one another.”

Ever forward seems to sit well with games like Gris, Dreamscapers, and the like. There’s something of a more thoughtful approach to this than your average game of DOOM and if you’re interested in giving it a try then you can pick up Ever Forward over at the Steam Store now for a full 10% off. Fans who grab the game now will also bag the soundtrack for free, which will be sold separately at a later date. Alternatively, if you don’t want to pay anything down before taking the plunge, Pathea Games even have a demo on hand for curious games. Let us know if you try out Ever Forward and what you find hidden in the darkest corners of your mind.

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