New Champion Shen Rao Arrives in Battlerite

If there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that everything is better with dragons! It seems like the team behind Battlerite agree with my assertion with the news that a brand new champion is coming to the competitive arena brawler this month. Prepare to meet Shen Rao.

Known as the Tempest of the East, Shen Rao is due to join the Battlerite roster as part of a brand new winter update, coming December 12. After defying the dark powers of the void, he was unceremoniously defeated and sealed in a human form. Reduced down to a fraction of his former power, this embodiment of the dragon now survives in battle using remnants of his former power. By calling down lightning on foes, Shen easily fills a ranged attack role, as well as looking decidedly dangerous. The winter update will find Shen arrive in both Battlerite and Battlerite Royale, the game’s cut-throat sandbox that apes the battle royale game mode made popular by PUBG.

This is not all that fans of Battlerite will find in the winter update. December 12 marks the start of a Yuletide event. Running through until January 30, Yuletide will present two additional champions for players, in addition to Shen Rao. Lucie and Polom will bring even more options to players entering the Battlerite arena, just in-case you really dislike dragons. It will also feature a winter themed map section, more game objectives, new consumables, and new legendary outfits for both game modes.

If you haven’t tried out Battlerite or Battlerite Royale yet then Stunlock Studio’s wintery warfare is waiting for you on PC. This hero brawler already features 27 characters to choose from, a range of maps and the two aforementioned game modes. If the positive critical response for this isn’t enough to convince you then you’ll find out more information on the official website or check out the free weekend for Battlerite’s Royale mode, in a few days time

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