Gato Roboto Claws Its Way Onto Switch and PC

Gato Roboto

More Metroidvania news today. Gato Roboto, the cute little feline mecha misadventure has a release date for both Switch and PC players.

Pouncing out into the wild on 30 May, Gato Roboto is published by Devolver Digital and developed by indie outfit Doinksoft. It follows the tale of a cute little monochrome kitty as they try to trek through a dangerous alien environment. An underworld full of unusual creates and dangerous obstacles stand in your way as you try to rescue your captain and his crashed spaceship. Unfortunately, your four-legged fluff is no Goose and has no marvelous powers. Instead, you’ll ride along in an outlandish mech, most of the time. If this sounds a bit bizarre, check out the trailer and prepare to fall for the toughest pixel cat you’ve ever seen.

Gato Roboto, like any decent Metroidvania, is a 2D platformer full of secrets. When you’re not busy blasting enemies this cat can use its feline prowess to fish out secrets, sneak through small spaces, and uncover stashes. The monochrome pixel animation just adds to the cute kitsch value here and I can’t quite wait to load this up on my own Nintendo Switch. Gato Roboto is available on the Steam Store and Nintendo eShop. Pre-orders are already open for the Nintendo switch and come with a 15% discount off the $7.99 standard price. For more information on how to strand a cat on an alien planet, check out the Gato Robot website for more details.

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