No Heroes Here launches today, get your pixel guns ready…

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NO HEROES HERE is a hectic co-op game for one to four players. Coordination and cooperation are your key weapons to success – everyone must play a role in the battles to come and work together as a team in order to protect the castles and Kingdom from imminent doom. Forces beyond your understanding have struck with terror and chaos. The King’s broken army and fallen heroes cannot protect you from harm. It is up to you to protect the realm from evil and restore Noobland to glory!

FEATURES 1 TO 4 PLAYERS- Invite all of your three friends to play with you! Two? One…? None?! Then revel in our single player mode, if playing solo is your style! If not…

LOCAL AND ONLINE MULTIPLAYER- Play with your friends either locally or online. No friends? No problem! Join an online match with other Non-Heroic figures all over the world!

NORMAL AND HARDCORE MODES- Normal mode not challenging enough? Hardcore mode offers the frighteningly ominous reality of a single life to live!

3 REGIONS FEATURING 54 LEVELS AND 9 CHALLENGES- Three different regions with each their own mechanics, enemies and quirks.

3 SPECIAL AMMUNITION TYPES- Don’t care for cannonballs? Maybe you’ll find roasted chickens more to your liking!

15 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS- As you journey through the realm, recruit more Non-Heroes to your ragtag band of castle defenders.

12 ENEMY TYPES- Twelve different enemy types to test your ballistic skills on!

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