Octogeddon Comes from Plants vs Zombies Creator + a Giveaway!


George Fan, leader of All Yes Good Studio and the creator of the original Plants vs Zombies game, is back with a new game called Octogeddon. In this new game, you take on the role of “a gigantic, enraged mutating octopus”.

Sounds awesome!

If that’s not exciting enough, perhaps the news that we have some super exclusive closed Golden Tickets (aka beta test keys) for lucky entrants into our giveaway! You’ll have to keep your thoughts to yourself, but you’ll be one of the first in the world to take a turn as a mad….literally….octopus!

Octogeddon Beta Key Giveaway – 8 Steam Keys Up For Grabs!

We know…you want to learn more about Octogeddon

So here you go, the official press announcement:

All Yes Good, a recently formed game studio headed by George Fan, original creator of Plants vs. Zombies, today announced that Octogeddon, Fan’s first game in more than eight years, has reach Closed B8ta stage. The premium game, which puts players in the role of a gigantic, enraged, mutating octopus, will launch officially on February 8, 2018 on STEAM, and can now be added to prospective players’ STEAM wish lists. Access to the limited Closed B8ta, which runs until shortly before the January launch, can be gained by winning one of 64 golden tickets available from select semi-secret sources – or in some cases by pestering George on Twitter.

Joining George on the Octogeddon dev team are other PopCap Games alumni Rich Werner, the original artist for Plants vs. Zombies, and Kurt Pfeifer, lead developer of the XBLA adaptation of PvZ. It’s a sumptuous cocktail of decaying brainz to be sure, as illustrated in the game’s teaser trailer, unveiled today.

“The big studios and monolithic publishers in the video games industry can’t or won’t make games like Octogeddon any longer,” George said, waving both his tentacles irritably. “Rich, Kurt and I wanted to make a game that’s entirely focused on the fun, not the financial. As my first game launched since Plants vs. Zombies, and eighth overall, I consider this one my octo opus!”

In Octogeddon, players take on the role of a giant mutant octopus bent on world destruction, where they grow more tentacles and evolve each of them into deadlier weapons until they become the ultimate eight-armed sushi avenger! Octogeddon is the spiritual successor to Plants vs. Zombies: weird, playfully gruesome, and writhing with nearly infinite re-playability while only suctioning money out of your wallet ONCE.

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