OPSEAT: Let the Gamers Guide You

In today’s highly contested world of e-sports, the ever-expanding realms of roleplaying, and various other forms of electronic gaming, maintaining a body’s well being and comfort during these sometimes hours-long forrays into the vast array of cyberworlds has become ever more important in keeping up one’s performance and stamina. Honestly, who better than gamers to design such an effective, multi-featured, and reliable center of comfort like the gamer’s chair? Enter OPSEAT and their line of high-quality, highly adjustable gaming chairs.

OPSEAT is a new face on the market, their chairs debuting in January of 2018, and are led by two experienced competitive gamers, John Rendemonti and Seth Mattox, and based in Southern Florida, USA. Their line of chairs currently includes the Master Series and the Grandmaster Series and each comes in a range of accent colors that speaks to almost every preference. While the Master Series possesses everything a chair needs to fulfill the role of a gaming champion’s throne, the Grandmaster Series offers a more relaxed or roomy feel as its dimensions incorporate a larger seat space. So whether you prefer to feel stabilized and fixed in your gaming sessions, or prefer a greater freedom of movement, they’ve got you covered.

OPSEAT chairs boast a slew of adjustability and quality features that are intended to create a maximum threshold of customizable comfort that will sustain you as you journey deeper into your digital odyssey.

The Master Series chairs are currently priced at $239.00 while the Grandmaster is set at $289.00. Both offer free shipping for a limited time, a two-year limited warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

For more information, availability, and pricing visit their site

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