Sea Of Thieves TPB Review – Aaargh-uably A Fun Read!

Publisher Titan Comics continues to be the de facto standard when it comes to video game related comic books. This fall the publishing company is releasing several trade paperbacks (TPB), a.k.a. graphic novels, based on popular video games. The first collection out of the gate being the Sea Of Thieves TPB. This graphic novel collects the first four single issues of the Sea of Thieves comic that debuted May of 2018. The series is based on the XBox game from Rare/Microsoft. This is our review of the Sea Of Thieves TPB.

Written by Jeremy Whitley, with art by Rhoald Marcellius, this volume follows the misadventures of two crews of pirates one captained by a sister and the other by her opposing twin brother. Both are searching for the treasure buried by their deceased father and both claim it’s their destiny and right to own their father’s treasure. In order to do so, they need to follow the clues on a map that takes them to the Sea Of Thieves where they also run into a crew of undead spirits on the Ferry of the Damned.

The Cast Of Characters

The story and art play out in a whimsical, slightly humorous fashion. Whitley does an outstanding job of introducing us to an entertaining crew of pirates of which you’ll end up actually caring about before the book is over.

First, we’re introduced to the pirate captain Lesedi Singh, daughter of the greatest pirate ever to sail the Sea Of Thieves. She’s complemented by her twin brother, pirate captain, DeMarco Singh who considers himself their father’s rightful heir. Lesedi is the more serious, gruff and less approachable of the two, while Demarco comes off as charming, debonair and someone with people skills. Both play entertaining lead roles that play off each other. From the start, they are at odds with each other in typical sibling rivalry style. Each embarking with their own crew, and ship, to find their rightful treasure lode.

Supporting cast, and crew members, who are usually at odds with one another starting with Alessia St. Marina. Alessia is a blonde haired, youthful con artist/pick-pocket. Her companion, Mele Silvertongue was born a performer, and she’s pretty handy with a dagger as well. They are a duo that ends up running through a gamut of some emotions here as their relationship runs through the book as a side story.

Rin Arai is the daughter of Japanese traders and is the story’s sharpshooter, she was hired by DeMarco to help him find the treasure and she’s determined to get her share. Then my personal favourite, Seamark, Osgar Seamark. Seamark’s personality comes off as crass a dwarf from World Of Warcraft lore. He’s stout and huge in size, plenty of tattoos, short-tempered all complete with a long beard, oh and he cherishes the fight.

Shoring up this cast of pirates are two unlikely pirate types who just happen to fall into the mix. They end up crossing paths with the others in a local tavern where both Singh parties are in attendance for father’s will reading. There’s naive, hardworking Phillip Martin who comes from wealth and a family with strong political ties. And then Naveed, doctor and scholar from the Arabian Peninsula. His main, innocent motivation for volunteering to a pirate crew is his desire to explore the rumours that the Sea Of Thieves contains unique vegetation that could aid in becoming new cures for ailments.

The Bottom Line

There is plenty of swashbuckling, pirate-like fighting and even undead pirate spirts that all add up to an entertaining pirate adventure. When all is said and done its these quirky pirates and their unique personalities and how they interact with each other that fosters the most joyful entertainment. This collection is highly recommended for some light-hearted, fun reading!



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