Must-Have Nintendo Switch Accessories You Need Right Now

Nintendo Switch

One of the most famous game companies in the world is Nintendo, having developed several games and consoles over the years. The Nintendo Switch is a popular game console that people love and enjoy. This console helped the company turn itself around and the system design is quite appealing to many gamers worldwide. To make this console more enjoyable, getting your hands on some of its popular accessories can make your gaming experience richer. Read on to learn about some of the must-have Nintendo Switch accessories that might interest you.

Game Controllers

The game controllers you can buy for the Switch are unlike your average controllers. They have an added feature of two extra buttons that you can use on the bottom. You have a variety of types to choose from, and they all enhance your comfort and performance levels as you play. They have motion control and vibration features, making the game more engaging and fun. You can customize your Turbo button as you see fit. Controllers come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, so choosing one depends on your needs and budget. This accessory will make it easier for you to play when you plug your switch into your TV to enjoy the hybrid nature of the console.


Another way for you to enjoy your game time is by using headphones or headsets. It makes the experience quite immersive and allows you to focus more when you hear the sounds clearly. Also, it’s convenient for playing at night when you don’t want to bother other people who are sleeping. You can plug the traditional ones with the cable jack or you can use the Bluetooth wireless kind. If you’re planning on connecting your headphones with the Bluetooth system, make sure it supports the HFP or HSP profiles. Using a Bluetooth transmitter will work as well if you want to pair your headset with the Switch console. Further, using a Bluetooth dongle can connect the accessory easily, making it an appealing and cheaper alternative than investing in transmitters or USB port converters.

ChargePlay Clutch

One of the downsides of this system is the battery life is never enough for playing constantly, but that can change if you get a ChargePlay clutch accessory. Even though Nintendo developed an improved version of the console with better battery life, it’s not enough for you to enjoy countless hours of fun gameplay. This accessory is designed to give you extra gripping room for your palms and it boosts the Switch’s battery life up to 5 or 6 hours. The usefulness of this accessory makes it worth the cost because it will allow you to play longer and gives you extra comfort when you grip the Nintendo Switch.

Play Stands

Sometimes you just want to enjoy your game without holding on to the console. Instead of placing or propping it awkwardly against a book or a wall, you can just enjoy your games using a controller and a play stand to help you see clearly. The play stand has adjustability features to help you angle the Switch to the right position. The accessory comes with prongs, rubber pads, and a convenient anti-slip feature that protects your console from accidental fall damages.

Memory Cards

Hardcore gamers can appreciate memory cards because the internal storage fills up very quickly. You won’t have to delete profiles or games anymore because you can use an extra memory card to save specific games that you download. They have 90 MB write speeds and 100 MB read speeds, making it an excellent addition to your gaming accessories.

Screen Protectors

Investing in a couple of screen protectors can keep the fun times going. The Switch’s screen is very fragile and can crack or break easily from certain falls, but you can prevent that with a tempered glass screen protector. They are durable and scratch-resistant, making the screen display look clear and smooth. Applying it is easy and it doesn’t interfere with performance levels at all.

Nintendo Switch 1

The Nintendo Switch is not your average game console. It is a hybrid system that can be a great portable and home console. The developers managed to create something fun for kids, teens, and adults as well. Any console can be made even better with the right accessories, and this gives you the chance to have a more comfortable game time while enjoying other perks that can enhance your experience. Consider getting some of these accessories to enjoy your time even more. Research some of the best options available to you and pick the one that doesn’t cost you much. Checking online offers is a smart way to save some cash on these epic accessories.

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  1. What about keyboard options? I’ve got a cheap a$$ USB on that is awful to type on. Ultimately I’d like to be wireless.

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