Outcast – Second Contact Shows Off Hero Trailer

Bigben Games has shared a brand new trailer for the upcoming action-adventure game Outcast: Second Contact. The video following Cutter Slade and his adventures through the mysterious world of Adelpha.

Additionally, the team has also shared the pre-order bonuses for the platforms:

  • Steam: Get a 15% discount if you buy between Nov 14 and Nov 29th. Get an additional 30% discount if you already own Outcast 1.1 and buy the game before Dec 14th, 2017.
  • PlayStation: Get the Golden Weapons DLC and the Original Soundtrack for free if you buy between Nov 14 and Nov 29th.
  • Xbox One: Get the Golden Weapons DLC for free if you buy between Nov 14 and Nov 29th.
What’s Outcast – Second Contact about?

Outcast – Second Contact is a complete remake of the original Outcast of 1999. Bigben Interactive and Appeal showed off the first trailer for the title back in March.

In the near future, humanity finds it is not alone when US probe gets destroyed by the Adelpha’s natives. Additionally, this event triggers an energy cataclysm that threatens both Adelpha and Earth.

Players take on a role of Cutter Slade, who is an ex-elite soldier sent to investigate as well as sort through the situation. Both Earth’s and Adelpha’s fates will rest in your hands.

The game will launch for Windows PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One on November 14th. You can find out more about the game through its Steam page.

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