Overwatch 2 – Check Out Dev Update on Ramattra

Following the announcement of the Season 2 release date for Overwatch 2, the team from Blizzard Entertainment have shared a new dev update dedicated to the new Omnic Tank joining the roster of the game on December 6th: Ramattra.

In the video, Lead Narrative Designer Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie explains Ramattra’s motivations and gives a glimpse at legendary voice actor Ramon Tikaram bringing the Omnic revolutionary to life. From protecting his team to punishing his enemies, Overwatch 2’s first tempo tank won’t hesitate to dive into the fray.

Originally a war machine, Ramattra shed his munitions for a shield to protect his people by promoting peace and tranquility. His ideals weren’t far removed from his fellow Shambli monk, Zenyatta. However, Ramattra’s story is one of hardships, trauma, and a magnified view of humanity’s harsh realities. Over time his views turned to a more pragmatic angle.

In a nod to his revolutionary goals, Ramattra is the first Tank that can completely change forms as part of his core kit, altering his abilities and playstyle moment to moment. His Omnic and Nemesis forms will allow you to combine two lethal playstyles for the need of your team.

Check out the official site of Overwatch 2 to learn more.

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