Payday 2 Sends the Crew to LA in a Nod to Reservoir Dogs

Payday 2 is heading to the City of Angels in a brand new free DLC that has just come out. The new content is a nod to Reservoir Dogs and its introduced in a new trailer.

Overkill said it this way, “La la land is waiting packed with diamonds and dreams of a better life. A better life that can be achieved with a lot of dough. So the gang is heading to California where everything is possible.”

Payday 2 Reservoir Dogs Heist

Here’s how it’s described on the Steam page:

What’s good Heisters?

The year is nearly over but we all know, sleep is for the weak! Today we proudly present our collaboration with the biggest Heisters in movie history! Reservoir Dogs is coming to PAYDAY 2. It’s time to wear your best suit, clean those good old guns and get out there to steal some diamonds!

But don’t get too comfortable in your chairs, like the movie, this heist may hide some surprises for you… enough talking, check out the trailer below and get your ass out there!

Players will also be able to get hands on some new stuff:

  • Union 5.56 Rifle
  • Alabama Razor
  • new masks in the form of groovy shades

You can read the full patch notes here.

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