PF: WotR Introduces Hotfix 1.0.3d to Fix New Bugs

PF WotR Introduces Hotfix 1.0.3d to Fix New Bugs

The developers from Owlcat Games have released a patch 1.0.3c aimed at fixing, enhancing and improving various difficulties in cRPG Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. But, as it often happens with games as bulky as this one, the patch fixed some things and broke others. For example, introducing a major bug in Act IV of the game, preventing players from progressing further.

Owlcats have now released a new hotfix that fixes some of the new bugs. Certain smaller glitches like cloak texture stretching across half the screen briefly still remain:

  • Couldn’t choose the mythic path of Gold Dragon after retraining – fixed. If you retrained before the 1.0.3 patch, and Gold Dragon didn’t work, this should fix your problem;
  • The ruler of Alushinyrra and her guest wasn’t present during your audience with them in chapter 4 – fixed;
  • The game will stop pausing after the level-up interface now;
  • You will be able to retrain a character on the Demon Mythic Path now. However, if you retrained your demon in chapter 2 in version 1.0.2, you will need to load an earlier save, before you retrained. Otherwise, you will have issues with the event when you get summoned in a dream and the following events.
Known issues:

In chapter 5, on the Mythic Path of Demon, Yozz will come to speak with you right after the summit and ask to come with him. If you tell him that you need more time to prepare, you won’t be able to progress the quest. The workaround is to go with him without delay.


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