Switch / PC Cross Saves Enabled for Hades


One of 2020’s most successful games now has even more reasons to be beloved. Hades has been updated to bring cross-saves for Nintendo Switch and PC. Prior to yesterday’s update, PC players couldn’t transfer their save games and progress to Switch. Thanks to the update, that’s now a thing of the past. In addition to cross-saves, Supergiant also added a number of other feature improvements, bug fixes, and other content to the Switch version of the game.

The process for cross-saves is simple for Switch players:

  • Open the game.
  • Head to the Main Menu.
  • Select Cross-Saves.
  • Connect your Steam or Epic Games account.

Hades was released for PC in September 2020 after about two years of early access. It is considered by many as a Game of the Year candidate and has earned an impressive 130,000 Overwhelmingly Positive Steam reviews.

Check out the Hades page on the Nintendo eShop to learn more.


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