PRESS RELEASE: The Legend Returns: Langrisser Mobile CBT Begins!


“Wherever the shadow, there’s light.”

San Francisco – November 29, 2018 – On the continent of El Sallia, the battle between Light and Dark has been raging for over a hundred years. Now, at long last, mobile gamers can join the fight.

Developed and published by Zlongame, Langrisser Mobile’s Closed Beta Test will launch today at 9 am EST. Players can go to Langrisser’s official Facebook page for the chance to gain access to the CBT. Spots are limited, and will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Classic Turn-Based Strategic Battles!

Born in the 1990s-the Golden Age of Japanese tactical games-Langrisser and Fire Emblem have long been regarded as two titans of turn-based tactical combat. Langrisser Mobile stays faithful to the essence of the original gameplay, preserving the qualities that made the original Langrisser a cult hit. The battle can be influenced by enemy type, terrain, and the overall pattern of the battlefield. Players must stay on their toes, adopting different strategies for each situation in order to secure victory.

Revisit Over 300 Classic Levels!

In the Time Rift feature, players can enjoy classic levels from the original Langrisser 1-5. Revisit the levels you weathered, the battles you struggled through, the familiar soundtrack, and the beloved characters-or experience it all for the very first time.

Class Transfer System

The complex class system is one of the key features of Langrisser series. Langrisser Mobile features more than 80 heroes, with each hero having its own class tree, resulting in infinite team combinations. Players must stay flexible in order to select the ideal team configuration, maximize combat power, and take down their enemies.

 Embark on a Magical Quest for the Legendary Sword

For the first time, the long-lost continent of El Sallia is arriving on mobile platforms, once again revealing the legend of Langrisser, a powerful and mysterious weapon that, in the right hands, can channel the gods and destroy the forces of evil. The original series’ popular cast of characters will also be returning to battle, including Elwin, Leon, Sherry, Bernhardt, Ledyn, and Dehault.

Fight Giant Dragons… With Friends!

The mobile version is the first Langrisser game to implement a PvP system, allowing players the opportunity to engage in 1v1 combat with others. In addition, the game provides different types of powerful bosses, which players can choose to attack individually or group up with others to attack together.

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