Pure Pool Review for Nintendo Switch

User Rating: 8
Pure Pool

One cannot simply even comprehend the existence of gaming without paying homage to the classics, and what better to bring to the table in stunning 1080p resolution on one of the world’s most popular consoles, pool! Pure Pool by developer VooFoo Studios has released one of the most visually appealing versions so a classic pool game that I have personally had the pleasure to experience in a long time. Pure Pool brings allows players to experience multiple ways to play ranging from American 8-ball to 9-ball. Does this title have what it takes to sink that perfect game, or will it end in a scratch! Read our Pure Pool review to find out.

Ever since I was a wee little lad, one of my most favorite games to play has and will always be Pool games. It does not matter to me if it’s a real-life game of pool or a relaxing virtual one. I can remember way back in my old windows 98 days playing various versions of the pool including the 2D and early 3D versions. There was always something just so satisfying about lining up the perfect shot and sinking that target ball. VooFoo Studios Pure Pool instantly brings the very essence of that feel ever so back.

The pure pool includes not only a solid single-player mode, but it also adds multiplayer and even the ability to play against other gamers online. As a bonus, if your friends are offline you can still play against what seems to be an AI-driven clone of your friend based on previous gameplay and style. The career mode allows players to play US 8-Ball, 9-ball, and amateur snooker. Each with its tier and challenges. This alone adds hours of replay value. If players choose, they can play in virtual leagues and even check world rankings online.

Let’s talk controls, what makes or breaks a game for me is the controls and learning curve. There is nothing worse than a simple game over-complicated by complex controls. That being said, Pure pool offers a great set of control types. The touch screen is available while playing off the dock in handheld mode. This feature allows you to control the movements and aim using just your fingers. In truth, I found it more enjoyable to use the joysticks to move and aim while using my finger to pull back the cue and strike, at least while in handheld mode. When playing on my TV using the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller was the most ideal for me.

Graphically speaking the game is visually appealing and you can easily tell the developers paid attention to detail. Overall, this title looked very polished with no hard clipping or edging that looked out of place and allowed me to immerse myself in the game. The textures are well detailed and the shaders are on point. The frame rates are smooth and with little, to no loading times, players can enjoy a smooth gameplay experience.

To put a nice cherry on top of this Sunday, Pure Pool offers some customization while being a bit limited offer a much more personalized experience. I prefer the charcoal baize top with the galaxy table skin. I know it’s a bit different and not the same as the classic green or red. Players also can choose from different ques that you unlock throughout the game. Of course, the standard options are available such as inverting the x and y-axis and control over various levels of audio and effects.

The tone of this title is the low lite club-style room with plenty of small animations in the background that brings some life into the scene. This may seem like a small detail but it is exactly the detail that adds that polished feel to the game. The overall ambiance is completed by way of the carefully chosen music. This music is on the calm side and sets the mood perfectly.

Note: A Switch code was provided for the purpose of review.

If you are looking for a small-sized game coming in at a whopping 400MB that can provide hours of enjoyment for you are even other guests, well this title is one that I would highly recommend. The price is also very reasonable $14.99. With smooth graphics and a wonderful ability to be picked up and played at any given time this makes Pure Pool a valued purchase.
  • Easy controls
  • Smooth graphics
  • Ambient atmosphere
  • Various game modes
  • Customization
  • No motion controls
  • Limited customizations
  • No HD rumble feature

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