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We came to you before with a pre-review of the beta for Gundam Versus before, but now that it has released we have the full deets on what you can expect from Gundam Versus. Is it everything I hoped it would be? Are the things that chapped my hide being added? Come join us on this mobile suit journey. This is our Gundam Versus review.

For those that did not get to read the beta review is a little refresher. Gundam Versus is an arena Gundam fighting game. There are many Gundams from many different series to choose from. Each with a different style of gameplay personal to how they were in their respective animes. Not only do you have many Gundams to choose from there are many different play modes also. If you are looking for some PVE fun then Ultimate Battle or Trial Battle might suit your needs. PVP more your style? Well, they got you covered with Free Battle, Ranked Matches, Casual Matches, and Player Match.

Ultimate Battle is the mode where you face waves of enemies. While playing ultimate battle you do get the chance to face random boss battles with other players and some competition stages to see who can beat the most enemies if you choose to play online. The second PvE mode that Gundam Versus has is “Trial Battle” mode. Trail Battle has you face off against a number of scenarios following some of the most iconic battles from the different series. This mode is sort of what I would akin to story mode because each route is from a specific Gundam Series.

As for the PVP Free battle allows you to battle against a computer controlled with an Ai companion. I consider this mode a good mode for practicing and training if you want to learn a specific Gundam and get better. Ranked Matches is exactly what it sounds like, for the more competitive type you can get your rank on and see how you fare against the competition. Casual and Player matches are the modes where you can face off against other players, rank free in 1v1’s, 2v2’s and 3v3’s (only in Casual Mode for 3v3). I’m not a PVP’er myself but I find it hard not to PVP in this. It is fun and challenging against other players.

The controls for the gundams are pretty simple and easy. Now unfortunatley they aren’t exactly perfect in my opinion. When playing with the ps4 controller there are secondary ways to perfrom an attack by pressing a combo of buttons like triangle+square for example. This leads to a lot of accidental button presses when playing expecially when things like jump may be mapped to the button. This doesn’t exactly kill the battle experience but it does lead to some frustrating moments when you are looking to do a certain move and do another.

You will find yourself having to level different Gundams and collecting bp or gp to unlock titles and assistants to help you in battle. The only way to get them is to level the different mobile suits and spend the points to unlock them. Not only can you use gp or bp to unlock those but also to unlock different pilots for mobile suits and navigators that speak while you are playing one of the many different modes. This method of unlocking is fun and allows for one to experience all the mobile suits this game has to offer and find their favorites.

Now one problem I had before was that some Gundams and mobile suits were not added or I thought were not going to be. Gundam Versus has and is planning to release some as paid DLC. The Lupus Rex Barbatos that came with the preorder is one of those that can be bought as DLC.  The other that is Gundam that is slated for a release at a later date is the Buster Gundam. I was livid when I saw some of the ones that were added and not added from the Gundam Seed series. I’m glad the Buster is looking to be released as paid DLC, now if they give me the as paid DLC I’ll be 100% over the moon and happy. I know paid DLC is a problem with most, but I feel like if it’s a product or game you enjoy you won’t have a problem with it. I know I won’t.

Gundam Versus is a fun game. If you love the Gundam series you will find something about this to like I’m sure. There is a possibility of gameplay getting stale after a while because it’s a lather rinse experience of playing, get exp, then unlock something. Overall though the game modes are fun and facing skilled players is fun. This is me speaking as a fan of the shows, who would get home from school as a kid and go straight to watching Toonami if you are a fan of the show and this style of gameplay is up your alley I think you will have a good time. And I will leave you with only one question, why no G-Gundam mobile suits?

Note: Our copy was reviewed on PS4 with a code provided by PR.

  • Many Mobile Suits
  • A game mode for everyone.
  • Gundams!
  • Can get stale quick
  • Button mapping is out of whack
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