Quake Champions – Bethesda Introduces Galena

Time to dish out some divine punishment

Bethesda has updated Quake Champions site with spotlight of a new champion. Galena is both a healer as well as a warrior. Watch out for the Unholy Paladin!

Quake Champions – Galena Spotlight

At just 4 years old, Galena was given to the Celebrants of Volkerh, talon-priests who shaped her into a powerful weapon. From then on, she lived in the Dreamlands. By watching and imitating her elders, she learned from a young age that blood is judgment and penance is sacrifice.

Some of her abilities include:

  • Unholy Totem which will heal your allies or deal damage to your enemies
  • (passive) Channeling – every time she picks a health bubble, the Unholy Paladin eliminates 5% from her active ability cooldown timer

You can check her out in course of Closed Beta Test. Sign-ups are still going, so you still have your chance to jump into the Arena.

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