Realm of Ink Devlog Dives into Concept & Art

Developers from Leap Studio have participated in the latest devlog to give players a deep dive into the concept and art of Realm of Ink. If you have ever wondered how the team ended up with the Ink style of the game or how the artists approach design, you will enjoy all 12 minutes of it.

“In this video, you will learn about how they met and decide to make a game, and how the Chinese art style is decided as the art direction for Realm of Ink. Additionally, CEO Dai discusses the message he aims to deliver to people in foreign countries through this game, intending to enhance understanding of Chinese historical and cultural heritage among a broader audience.”

Realm of Ink is an  action Roguelite game from publisher 663 Games and developers Leap Studio and Maple Leaf Studio. The heroine, Red, unexpectedly discovers she is just a fictional character within the short story when hunting the Fox. Only by unlocking the dark secrets will she defy her own destined path.

As you play through the game, you will progressively unlock more characters. Red and others discover that they are just fictional characters in Realm of Ink. Everything seems to be destined: the old world will collapse while a new world is forming, and the awakened spirits will be meant to reshape their true selves amidst countless cycles of destruction.

You can try out the game for yourself through a Steam demo.

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