Ring of Elysium Details DX12 Client

Ring of Elysium

The developers from Aurora Studio have announced that Ring of Elysium DX12 Beta Client is coming out later this month. The team has published a dedicated Q&A for the occasion. Follow the link above to check the full text of the announcement.

DirectX12 can make Ring of Elysium run smoother and improve graphical quality by utilizing the full potential of each player’s hardware. Our vision is for Ring of Elysium to become a true-AAA title, and DX12 has more potential in the long run. After fully researching and considering our options, we decided to go with DX12.

The developers’ goal is to strike a balance between ensuring the game’s smoothness & maintaining high FPS and presenting better visuals. To that end, choosing DX12 is a right step for the long-term potential of the game.

Ring of Elysium is a multiplayer online battle royale shooter currently in Steam Early Access. The final version will provide a refined battle royale mode, polished features, and fine-tuned gameplay balance. The developers also promise to implement new features including player progression systems, and several casual game modes.

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