RöKI Is A New Fairy Tale For PC And It Is Out Now

RöKI, a brand new adventure for young and old is ready to tell its tale on PC and it is out today.

Coming from the minds of Polygon Treehouse and United Label, RöKI is a gorgeous looking new game steeped in Scandinavian folklore. Putting players in the role of heroine Tove, RöKI puts players on a path that winds straight through a mystical forest and on towards a wider world of intrigue. As a girl touched by magic, Tove must use her memories and magic to explore the hidden pathways and walk the weird and wonderful paths of this new and unexplored world. As players venture deeper into this tale they will find curious items, engage with strange creatures, and unravel the mysteries that the aforementioned forest holds.

“For our debut indie title, we wanted to depart from the ‘shooty-shooty’ games we’d made at PlayStation and make the game about family, adventure, monsters, and kindness,” said Tom and Alex, heads of Polygon Treehouse. “When we started development three years ago the world was quite a different place, and we hope the game we’ve created and its themes are now more relevant and important than ever.”

This cute looking 2D adventure features a range of handcrafted graphics which are undeniably appealing and doesn’t appear to be too far from traditional point and click narratives, so should be accessible to most age groups. While contemporary takes on fairy tales, set in a big dark forest, probably mean the 10+ advisory rating might be worth adhering too, the gameplay is described as challenging but not entirely unforgiving for players.

After checking out the trailer we’re not going to try to spoil the story but RöKI looks like a tale that might be a wonderful distraction from the explosions of new arena hero shooters that flash up online every other day. You can find out more and pick up RöKI on the official Steam Store and GoG page now.


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