Rule with an Iron Fish is out now on Steam

Rule with an Iron Fish

It’s become a trend to launch mobile games on the PC, where they can find a new audience who usually stays away from phone and tablets for gaming. Rule with an Iron Fish is one such game, and it’s one all you Harvest Moon and quirky RPG fans might want to give a look. You can get it on Steam for a paltry $8.49 for now.

From the news release:
Award-winning Rule with an Iron Fish is finally coming to PC on August 24th! This whimsical fishing game immerses you in a world of ridiculous pirates, scientifically inaccurate fish, and did we mention there’s a pirate kitty? Your island town grows as you progress in your quest to save your sibling lost at sea. You’ll never have a dull moment with the colorful (and sometimes sarcastic) island inhabitants as well as the various fishing holes you can discover (you can fish in a volcano. I know, right?!).
Having won CNET’s Best Mobile Games and Snappzilla’s Games of the Year awards, Rule with an Iron Fish’s Steam debut presents the game in a format fit for PCs, with a perfected UI. This release includes new exclusive fishy content for Steam that introduces new fish, a cat bobber, and more. Grow your farm at home, dredge up pirate spit to upgrade your boat, and fend off attacking Vikings! Fish your way to glory!
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