Muse Dash Is About To Put Rhythm on A Platform

It’s no surprise to anybody here at Gamespace that I adore anything title that’s bright, unusual, Japanese. So when X.D. Network announced Muse Dash was coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in June, I was ready to tap.

Already teased during a recent Nintendo Direct, Muse Dash originally hit eastern mobile stores back in 2018. It rocketed to the top of the paid download charts and firmly established itself as a fan favorite. Like many rhythm games of this nature, Muse Dash combines a cute anime art style and songs from a range of Japanese and Chinese artists. These mix everything from electronic to Vocaloid remixes with an action-adventure platform that might not revolutionize your gaming experience but should certainly appeal to those wanting a fun few minutes of escapism. The experience is best described by the launch trailer below.

Muse Dash both comes with a simple set of two button controls, side-scrolling mechanics, timed dodges, and beat based enemy attacks. Anybody ready to take on this challenge will find a host of trophies to collect and different challenges based on which song you choose to tackle. With over 80 tracks to explore, this could take a whole lot of time. Both versions of Muse Dash include English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified and traditional Chinese localization and will kick off the beat with a time limited-time exclusive Marija skin on PC and Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch players will also get all DLC from previous versions as well. We don’t have an exact date for the release of this but you can check out more information on the X. D Network twitter and on the Steam page.

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