See What’s Coming to Hearthstone in Near Future

See What’s Coming to Hearthstone in Near Future

As the sands settle in Uldum, Blizzard’s Hearthstone team has published a new blog post on the official site to let the players know what’s coming to Hearthstone. The devs are currently hard at work on some awesome (albeit less flashy) new stuff such as new features, events, and changes coming to the game in the near future.

  • More in-game events! Players can expect more events like the recent Fire Fest-E.V.I.L. that will feature rewards, themed Tavern Brawls and changes that could create new temporal or permanent ways to play Hearthstone.
  • Shaking up Standard Play! Popular and game-changing cards – such as Ragnaros, the Firelord and N’Zoth the Corruptor – will be pulled out of Wild and back into Standard for a limited time. To ensure that everyone can participate in this meta-mixing event, everyone will be granted free copies of each card (copies cannot be disenchanted or crafted).
  • New portraits for 1,000 wins! The team is introducing new class portraits for achieving 1,000 wins in a class. The portraits will be implemented in the next major Hearthstone update.

Lastly, there will be a few quality of life improvements. Alternate search terms will soon be implemented, making commonly misspelled or hard-to-type cards easier to find. A few quest changes are coming down the line: less popular quests will be cut, difficulty on more tedious quests will be tuned down, new quests will be added into the pool, and daily quests will be split into new buckets by varying difficulty.

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