Shadow Arena Being Prepped for Consoles

Shadow Arena

Pearl Abyss has announced that its battle royale action brawler, Shadow Arena, is being prepared for deployment on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There is no specific date revealed for its launch, though developers did say that it would be arriving “later this year”. The game was originally based on Pearl Abyss’s mega-hit MMORPG, Black Desert but it took on a life of its own to become a standalone title.

Players will be able to choose from thirteen unique characters including the newly announced hero, Gorgath. Each one brings both strengths and weaknesses to the battle. For instance, Gorath is “an alchemist who uses the power of the earth to summon rocks for brutal offensive attacks or set up a rock-solid defense against enemies”. Like all casters, however, Gorath can be vulnerable to brutal face-to-face assaults.

The latest PC patch that will be included in the console version also brings a number of improvements to various game systems “to give players a better sense of progression”. One example is that ranking and tier progression have been separated. Rank no longer determines tier placement and players will earn Tier Points after each match that will propel them to different tiers.

Check out the full update on the Shadow Arena official site.

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