Sims 4 Maxis Monthly: Terrain Tools, A New Career for October!

Sims 4 Update

This week the first Maxis Monthly Livestream was held by the developers of The Sims. A 30 minute round up of all The Sims titles that included Sims FreePlay and Mobile. Community content creation was a massive highlight but the biggest news came for the next Sims 4 update. Now let me tell you, I was there watching live tuning in about 20 minutes prior. I already knew this being a huge fan of Sims 4 myself BUT I will never cease to be amazed by how passionate and frantic Sims fans can be! I was exhausted before the stream even started and it started with a crash and burn announcement.

Sims 4 October Update Will Not Be in October

BOOM! That’s how the stream started followed with an apology that more work was needed to make sure the FREE content update was delivered in pristine condition followed even quicker with the announcement that a new career would arrive with it. Welcome Style Influencer!


Style Influencer is a work from home blogging career that has you starting as humble Rage Reviewer with the goal of climbing the blogging ranks to become a fashion icon. What is super nifty is that while you’re at home working you can makeover other Sims/NPC’s within your vicinity. The better your relationship with that Sim, the more chances you’ll have of them accepting the look you recommend to them making it catch the trend in your neighborhood!

Reactions were mixed in Twitch chat as players referenced mods already made for fashion as a career but the hype won over in popularity and heartbeats started to slow down as developers proceeded to converse while on our screen terrain tools of exceptional beauty appeared catapulting Twitch chat into a frenzy!

Long-awaited Terrain Manipulation is coming!

So far in the Sims the only places to build have been flat so this update brings so many other levels of creation to consider! As soon as it sunk in what was occurring a garage was being built fueling speculation that maybe garages were coming and cars! Now let me tell you the Sims community don’t need anymore speculation, it’s like gasoline on a fire!

Updated Aftermath

Following the Maxis Monthly stream, the Sims community and Sims Guru’s (developers) took to Twitter in usual fired up fashion when a tweet caught my Kiwi eyes that made me sit back and consider my own behavior in games regarding such mods made by players such as Fashion and Modelling Career:

Understanding that with these updates also came the news that updates are coming to Python 3.3.5 being upgraded to Python 3.70 in November. All current Mods created for the Sims will stop working. In preparation for this change, news arrived from the SimGuruModSquad

I want to give you a heads up that in an upcoming release, we will be upgrading the version of Python used by the game. We currently use Python 3.3.5 and will be moving to Python 3.7.0. Once this change is released, all compiled script mods will completely stop working. Note that in this new version of Python, the .pyo extension is replaced by .pyc, see

To an extent, it could be considered natural to react disrespectfully but it would be the first time I’ve ever seen developers accused of stealing their own game. Along with the response from SimsGuru Kate to Luckyloudog, this isolated incident is not reflective of the entire community. SimsGuru’s would also have to be the most active gaming developer I have ever seen on Twitter so here is hoping this does not deter them, even when they have to remind folks of conduct such as this:

Again Sims Community is some of the most passionate, eager gaming communities out there and I am proud to be part of it!

What’s your take on the Sims 4 updates coming soon and are you excited with me on this upcoming FREE content? Mind. Blown.

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  1. When will it be coming to PS4? Yes I do play on console and it’s as amazing as pc anyways. When is it coming to PS4/Xbox? Because I’m jelly. But take your time

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