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The Hidden Ones Reveal Themselves in Assassins Creed Origins

Yesterday, Ubisoft announced the first Assassins Creed Origins expansion “The Hidden Ones” will launch on January 23rd. The Hidden Ones takes place in the brand-new region of Sinai when Bayek and his newly formed Assassins clash with Roman forces. DEVELOPERS ALSO SHARED: – Progress will be kept from the main game. – You do not have to have played the main game but level 40 ...[Read More]

Logan Paul No Longer A Youtube Preferred Partner

We have been keeping readers up to date in the Logan Paul, Youtube saga involving Paul’s disgraceful video content in Japan to gain insight and knowledge on how one of the most widely used platforms by gamers is currently ensuring our safety. Yesterday Youtube, official Twitter re-tweeted an article from Billboard stating Youtube removed Paul from its Google Preferred program which gives bra...[Read More]

Goblins of Elderstone Early Access Steam Preview!

Goblins of Elderstone is not only a city building sim, its GOBLIN TRIBE simulator that I just had to dive into because this Indie gem is brought to you from New Zealand development team Lost Goblin who has also gained the support of US-based publisher Crytivo. Lost Goblin is a tiny team that launched Goblins of Elderstone on Kickstarter October 5th 2016. Since they have gained a ton of excitement ...[Read More]

Youtube FINALLY responds to Logan Paul Incident in Japan

On January 2nd we posted about the appalling video created by Logan Paul on Youtube. Youtube finally responded on Twitter yesterday, one week later: An open letter to our community: Many of you have been frustrated with our lack of communication recently. You’re right to be. You deserve to know what’s going on. — YouTube (@YouTube) January 9, 2018 Like many others, we were upset by the video...[Read More]

Rumor: Amazon Games New World Trailer Leaked On Reddit.

New World is a 17th century paranormal MMO that was brought to the worlds attention via Amazon Games in September 2016. Since, there has been no news just concern for Amazon Games as a developer with the withdrawal of Breakaway being in its open alpha state – though it is still being worked on behind the scenes. This weekend New World footage appeared on a subreddit dedicated to New World fr...[Read More]

Logan Paul Shocks Youtube Audiences Creating International Outrage

Youtube is back in the spot light with another one of it’s most subscribed to Youtube vloggers putting their fans at risk but this time it is more than hateful speech as was experienced in 2017 with PewDiePie. Starting the new year on a tragic note is 22 year old vlogger and actor Logan Paul from Ohio who filmed, edited and posted the discovery of a deceased mans body hanging in Aokigahara f...[Read More]

Twitch $60,000 Prize Game Show!

This week Twitch announced a new game show “Stream On” that will be all about highlighting up and coming users. March 2018 is slotted for the premier and until then auditions, as well as the show itself – will take place from the streamers home. Reading the FAQ streamers are also being encouraged to keep streaming: The competition is built to compliment and expand, not replace, y...[Read More]

The Top Ten of Twitch 2017

2017 has been a milestone year for Twitch, as the Twitch Affiliate program launched in April, lighting social media feeds on purple fire. Since adding categories like the Creative channel in 2015 or IRL in 2016, Twitch has become an entertainment mecca for the whole family. Taking this into context making a top ten list is fairly straightforward, naming who is number one is not because they all gi...[Read More]

Patreon Apologizes & Halts Fee Structure Changes

Last week Patreon announced changes to its fee structure. Starting on December 18th, a new service fee of 2.9% + $0.35 will be paid by patrons for each individual pledge. (To get into the details, existing per-creation pledges for posts made on/after Dec. 18th will be charged the new service fee; existing per-month pledges will first be charged a service fee on January 1.) Streamlining these fees ...[Read More]

Beyond Good & Evil 2 – The Space Monkey Program Wrap Up Report

Ubisoft held its first Beyond Good & Evil 2 Space Monkey Program livestream to give more insight at what’s going on in the city of Ganesha and beyond! LIVESTREAM HOSTS Senior Producer – Guillaume Brunier Creative Director – Michel Ancel Narrative Director – Gabrielle Shrager Community Manager – Kevin Erwin WHAT IS THE SPACE MONKEY PROGRAM? Six months ago at E3, Ubisoft ...[Read More]

Universim: Why Build a City When You Can Build a Planet?

In 2014 Crytivo Games kickstarted Universim and two years later it is still in beta development with early access aimed for next year. So why am I making news of this today? I only discovered it last month and besides its cute potential I am also curious who else hasn’t heard of it and want to approach the subject of long term developed Kickstarter games. Straight to the point, I’m not a fan of Ki...[Read More]



Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Review

It’s been nine days since it launched and if you have a phone, social media or enjoy convenient cute pixels SURELY you have heard of  Animal Crossing – Pocket Camp, the fourth installment of Animal Crossing by Nintendo? If you haven’t that’s ok because I hadn’t until my twitter feed got #AnimalCrossingPocketCamp flooded that day prompting me to make my first ever Nintendo account and install...[Read More]

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