Skul: The Hero Slayer – When It’s Good To Be Bad – First Impressions


We are raised to believe that we need to be a good guy and defeat our enemies because good is good and evil is bad. Everything is changed as soon as you become a skeleton, who can change his skills by changing his head. Fighting to try and save the demon king that you serve, with the help of a witch, all in an attempt to defeat the heroes. These are our impressions of Skul: The Hero Slayer.


An action-platformer developed by SouthPAW Games and published by NEOWIZ, Skul: The Hero Slayer is a game that will bring out the bad in you because you are the bad guy fighting to save your home, which makes you the good guy, I think. Once you wrap your head around that and start playing the game you will have a blast as I did with this bone wielding anti-hero.

To me, it feels like a Dark Souls type game with the way you die and goes back to the beginning of the level, but you can still level up your character to make him stronger. This is key to moving forward in the game so that enemies aren’t as hard to kill. The leveling system uses dark stones that you pick up after killing your enemies and you can buy items that help your stats with the coins that you amass.


The levels are very colorful and easy to navigate but hold some dangers that you can’t defeat, like plants that try to grab you with tentacle type arms, and flowers that shoot fireballs. You just have to learn to avoid them. There are all sorts of skulls that will help you change the type of attacks you have, and whether they are close range or long range. These skills will help you move forward in your mission to save the demon king.

Skul is currently in early access, as such, I will tell you that I am having a ton of fun playing this title. It is fast-paced, hard, and very expansive. The graphics are pixelacious and you will have a good time playing it. Once it is fully launched with all of the remaining levels and other items, I will do a full review to let you guys know how much better it is.

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