Storm Eddie Jams His Way Through Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Dungeons


Storm Eddie has arrived in Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast as a playable assassin. Eddie comes as part of the recently released “Brave New World” dungeons expansion to the game.

Storm Eddie Jams

One of the most unique features in Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is the music from the iconic band. In this latest update, Brave New World tracks follow players throughout their dungeon dives as well as being present in other locations.

The game pits players against increasingly difficult aliens all leading up to a massive World boss “unlike anything else seen in the game”. With an epic soundtrack featuring some of the band’s well-known songs, it’s a great piece of fan service.

Last year, Iron Maiden also introduced its own “Trooper” beer with special bottle caps as well as characters splashed across the band’s custom 747. In addition, players could grab t-shirts at concert that featured characters from the game as well as get hold of both physical and digital comics. There are plans for much more integration with new characters including “Trooper Eddie” as well as “Social Chat” and the “Night City” game world and cast.

Iron Maiden Manager Rod Smallwood says; “This latest feature, focussed around our Brave New World album, is a huge addition to the game in terms of both art and audio.  With many more exciting innovations in the pipeline, we plan to keep Legacy evolving, totally unique and, most of all, fun for our legion of players and fans.”

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is available for mobile devices on the App Store and Google Play. You can learn more on the official site.

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