Strafe – Information About Three Versions of Collector’s Edition

When one Collector's Edition is not enough
Strafe Collector's Edition

Devolver Digital and Pixel Titans shared pre-order information about whole three different Collector Editions for Strafe.  Players who pre-order the game on Steam or through any physical Collector’s edition will receive the exclusive in-game weapon.

Strafe – Three Versions of  Collector’s Edition Unveiled
  • Throwback Collector’s Edition:  this package will include such things as floppy disks as well as pogs and will come with digital version of the game downloadable through Steam
  • Vinyl Collector’s Edition:  players will be able to choose between a 2-disc vinyl set or special edition that is limited to 300 copies. Also, both will come with custom artwork.
  • PS4 Collector’s Box:  Limited set of Strafe PS blue-ray discs, region-free.

“STRAFE is already the fastest selling new procedurally generated first-person shooter IP released on the second week of May. Gamers can now get in on this unstoppable revenue train. By giving us money earlier than we plan on giving you the game. It’s a win-win if you only consider the best interests of the developer and publisher.”

You can  find out more as well as pre-order the game through the official site.

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