Super Dragon Punch Force 3 Is A Fighting Game Straight Out Of Boy Kills World

Super Dragon Punch Force 3 is a 2.5D fighting game coming to Mobile and PC on April 26.

Movie spin off usually tend to involve some cheap plastic or a suspect popcorn tub. Not this time. Red band martial arts Boy Kills World has spawned a brand new beat ’em up called Super Dragon Punch Force. Coming to PC and mobile platforms on April 26, this intense animated fighter is ripped straight out of the silver screen and enters Open Beta. Featuring diverse roster of powerful fighters, incredible animation, as well as casual and competitive play this is a bloody better movie accompaniment than a commemorative drink holder.

Developer by South African outfit, Talent Digital Art Super Dragon Punch Force 3 is the first real life incarnation of this brawler. Existing in the silver screen fighter, this free-to-play, 2.5D fighting game includes characters seen in Boy Kill World. This includes the ferocious ‘Boy’ and axe-wielding ‘June 27.’ A whole range of other options are available too. Designed to be easy to pick up for newcomers and rewarding for fighting game enthusiasts, SDPF3 is built around fun, fluid, and fast-paced matches in both single-player (PVE) and multiplayer (PVP) mode.

Big screen counterpart Boy Kills World is a post-apocalyptic action thriller. In an age where a deranged matriarch can off somebody’s family, a deaf man named Boy escapes to the jungle, where he is trained by a mysterious mentor to enact vengeance on the murderers. For those wanting a desktop taste of the action, head over to Steam now for more on Super Dragon Punch Force 3.

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