The Elder Scrolls Online – High Isle & Update 34 Available Now on PC & Mac

The Elder Scrolls Online - High Isle & Update 34 Available Now on PC & Mac

The latest chapter in MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online is available now on PC, Mac and Stadia! The content update will be available on Xbox and Playstation consoles on June 21.

The story of the Legacy of Bretons, the latest ESO year-long adventure, will told throughout all of the game’s releases in 2022, starting with the High Isle chapter that gives players an opportunity to dive deep into the Breton’s ancient home and experience a noble society on the brink of war.

“Something is amiss in High Isle, the home of the chivalric Breton elite. The idyllic Systres Archipelago is now on the brink of total catastrophe, and a sinister cabal works from the shadows to throw all of Tamriel into unending conflict. Team up with new Companions and allies, explore stunning new lands, play a hand of the all-new deck building card game, Tales of Tribute, and continue your Legacy of the Bretons adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle.”

High Isle provides a host of brand-new adventures and features for you to experience, including:

  • A new zone that showcases the islands of High Isle and Amenos
  • A complex main storyline of politics, honor, and intrigue that ties into the Legacy of the Bretons year-long saga
  • A new system called Tales of Tribute, an in-game collectible card game
  • A new 12-player Trial named Dreadsail Reef
  • Two new Companions, Ember and Isobel, who can join your adventures
  • New World Events called Fissures
  • New Delves, Public Dungeons, World Bosses, and a host of unique stand-alone quests
  • Updates and quality of life improvements

Check out the official site to see everything the game has to offer in the new Chapter!

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